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What's New:

* General Meetings NEW LOCATION: 7:00 PM at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church, Immokalee Rd. at the north end of Airport Road (across from Sam’s Club).

*We have started a bulletin Board. Check it out!

*Some new pictures are now being shown on our Photo Page

Current News:

* A National AACA event will be hosted by the Naples Marco Island Region in 2016

* If you are a car lover you have to read the story about Dad's 32 Lincoln

* The 2014 Naples Marco Island Antique Auto Show at the Depot will be held March 22.

* Members, if you have nice pictures of your cars and would like them displayed here on our website, please send them to the webmaster.

Recent Events:

Gasparilla Island

On an overcast Saturday morning, 12 cars from Naples-Marco AACA left Perkins Restaurant for the day trip to Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island. Lunch was at the Pink Elephant Restaurant and the afternoon was spent seeing the sights. In the evening the cars were in the Chabad Naples Hanukkah Parade.

Chabad Naples Hanukkah Parade

12 cars from Naples-Marco AACA where onhand for the parade.

About the club

The club formed in 1981 and held monthly meetings in member's homes or businesses. The programs were auto related with some giving demonstrations in their shops. Dues were $15 and the money was used to cover newsletter mailing and meeting room costs. The first newsletter was called "The Collier Collector". In 1985 the newsletter became called the "Running Board".

The club has met at the Naples Depot, various Bank Community rooms and at several churches in Naples. The December Christmas party has been an annual event since the club was formed. Membership in 1983 was 42 and 50 two years later. The club has not always met during the summer. Usually September was the start of regular monthly meetings. Some events were held for members in the summer. We currently have a "Cooks Night Out" in the summer, where the members get together at one of the local restaurants which replaces the monthly meetings.

The members have been on many group trips - mostly thought out Florida. Edson and Irene Williams conducted these trips for several years. Day trips to closer activities and car shows have also been enjoyed by members.

The first president was Dr. Mason Seibel

Membership dues covers both husband and wife.

To become a local member click here. Membership in the local club first requires membership in the National AACA. To join the National Club click here.

Annual Naples Marco Island Classic Car Show

Every March we sponsor the annual Naples Marco Island Classic Car Show held at the Depot in downtown Naples. Some of the finest car from around the country are on display. This is a wonderful family event with all proceeds going to local charities.

Our show for 2014 will be held March 22. This year we are adding a Car Corral for 1992 and older vechiles.

Registration forms can be found by clicking here.

2013 Winners


September - May: Held at 7:00 PM every third Thursday at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church, Immokalee Rd. at the north end of Airport Road (across from Sam’s Club) in Naples, Florida

June, July and August: There is no formal meeting however we will meet at the same time at various restaurants in the area for good food and good company.

Board Meeting: Naples Airport Pilot’s Lounge 7:00 p.m.

Breakfast: Every Saturday throughout the year at 8:00 AM at Perkins on Pine Ridge Rd. in Naples. Also the first Saturday of every month in Marco Island.


Naples Marco Island Region of the AACA has donated to several local groups including:
Mike Davis Elementary School
Boy Scout Troop #274
Friends of the Collier Museum
Lorenzo Walker Scholarship Foundation
Golden Gate Middle School
Grace Place for Children and Families
Education of Homeless Students
Golden Gate Band Boosters
Naples High School
Barron Collier High School
Boys & Girls Club

To date the Naples Marco Island Region AACA has donated over $100,000.

National AACA Webmaster Award

This region was a recipient of the AACA Master Webmaster Award for 2013.

It has also received the AACA Editorial Award for 2013

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